Envigado, Colombia (Fast Terminal)

Envigado, Colombia (Fast Terminal)

Founded in 2014 and located in the city of Envigado, Antioquia. Fast Terminal Envigado (FTE) is the National Logistics Operator for Renault Sofasa in all Colombian territory to handle around 80 000 vehicles per year.

Factory to dealer

Fast Terminal Envigado is in charge of full management and inventory distribution service to dealers, both domestically and for export.

FTE  have an advanced on line system to track all movements of the operation; from receiving the vehicle at the end of the assembly line or in a Colombian Port until the final destination to a dealer facility or a port, always  meeting SOFASA’s standards and quality demands.

With high quality operational performance provided by FTE, SOFASA has awarded the terminal the South American Region Bench. In 2014, FTE obtained 97.2% in the MIQ Audit (Quality Instruction Manual) of the Renault Worldwide Operations Standards and a 97.6% in 2015.


The Fast Terminal Envigado facility comprises of 8.6 acres. The facility is fully paved, fenced, lighted and guarded by 24/7/365 security and closed circuit TV cameras. Access to the facility is also restricted to personnel and supported by private surveillance.  


Horizon Auto Logistics and Fast Terminal offer a variety of services to customers, such as Vehicle Processing, Equipment Processing and Storage. More services can be provided upon request.