Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Fast Terminal)

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Fast Terminal)

Fast Auto Logistic´s Terminal is located in San Souci Port located at the mount of the marine entrance to the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. San souci is a multipurpose port, highly oriented to efficiency and security in port operations.


The terminal berthing area is 2166’ split in to two berths (San Souci and Don Diego docks). Fast Auto Logistics is the specialized Roll on/Roll terminal handling the operations from vessel charge-discharge, vehicle storage, custody, services and delivery.


Fast Terminal’s Santo Domingo´s Port Terminal current facility comprises of 23.7 acres located in a complex named “Vehicular Warehouse” specialized for vehicle storage, custody and services. The facility is on compact land and gravel, fenced, lighted and guarded by 24/7/365 security. The area is adapted to handle any type of cargo. Heavy equipment, buses, trucks and light vehicles have a specific area into the yard, new and used vehicles are stored separately according to Fast Terminal’s Standards and operations flow.  

The facility offers 26000sqft of processing buildings with a full body shop, car wash, and paint shop.


Horizon Auto Logistics oand Fast Terminal offer a variety of services to customers, such as Vehicle Processing, Equipment Processing and Storage. More services can be provided upon request.