Horizon Auto Logistics fast tracks development in Mexico

Horizon Auto Logistics fast tracks development in Mexico

4 August 2017

Since launching operations in Mexico in June 2017, Horizon Auto Logistics is fast tracking developments of their footprint near Veracruz.

Carlos Renteral, General Manager of the Mexico operations says, ''we are quickly handling about 2000 cars monthly at the already developed Puente Villa Rica (Nr 1) facility of eight hectares and we already started development of the new Puente Villa Rica (Nr 2) facility adjacent to Nr 1. We will have two hectares ready and delivered by 15 August and a further 7.5 hectares delivered by mid-October''.

The total available capacity of the new development is 37 hectares and expected annual throughput capacity will be anywhere between 300 000 to 400 000 cars depending on achieved dwell time.

Carlos continue, ''this will be a game-changer for Veracruz auto handling and will greatly alleviate the current capacity crunch. Apart of the new capacity, Horizon will also offer a fully integrated management of all processes from vessel to dealer network and plant to vessel, making it a unique service concept not seen today''.

The development further means that Veracruz will significantly improve their ability to handle the automotive growth over the next years and allow the industry to stay focused on developing their operations in the port as opposed to finding less cost efficient alternative options.


For further inquiries and interest, please contact:

Carlos Renteral, General Manager, Horizon Auto Logistics, +52 229 306 2304