Horizon Auto Logistics launch Horizon Auto Logistics in Mexico

Horizon Auto Logistics launch Horizon Auto Logistics in Mexico

7 July 2017
Press Release

Horizon Auto Logistics launch operations in Mexico by announcing the creation of Horizon Auto Logistics SA de CV at an event in Mexico City.

“Following a rapid expansion in the U.S. market where Horizon Auto Logistics now operate in Freeport, Port Everglades and Jacksonville, the expansion in to Mexico is a natural step in our development,” says Per Folkesson, President of Horizon Auto Logistics. ‘’With the success of the Mexican Automotive Industry and its development, we are excited to establish our presence in Mexico and are working on a number of interesting projects.”

Given the complexity and level of activities within the Automotive business in Mexico, there is a need for an improved and more comprehensive supply chain concept that Horizon Auto Logistics is now offering the market.

The operations commenced in Veracruz in June, through dedicated auto facilities inside the port and the off-port facility Puente Villa Rica located 15 KM inland. Services offered include vessel cargo-handling, port-yard management, vehicle services inside the port, shuttle between port and off-port facilities including full yard and vehicle processing capabilities at the off-port facility. Distribution management and plant logistics is also on the menu of services offered.

To develop this market Horizon Auto Logistics has partnered with Fast Terminal International, in which they hold a 50% stake. Per Continues, ‘’in Fast Terminal International we see a lot of similarity in our broader ambition to create a new type of customer-orientated operation focusing on innovation, transparency and seamless management of autos for both exports, imports and in general distribution. Our IT capabilities, in particular are quite different from anything seen in the market today’’.

Combined Horizon Auto Logistics and Fast Terminals International control and operate 10 Auto Facilities across the Americas, offering Terminal Operations, Vessel Cargo-Handling, Yard and Plant Logistics, Vehicle Processing and Distribution Management.


For further information, please contact:

Per Folkesson, President, Horizon Auto Logistics, +1 904 200 7359

Ignacio Sola, Vice President, Fast Terminal International, +1 786 351 8227

Carlos Renteral, General Manager, Horizon Auto Logistics, +52 229 306 2304